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Sustainable ENWA Technologies Inc.

SENWA identified the Clean Tech Sector to carry on the investment into Sustainable Technologies in :-

  • Energy Efficiency and  Sustainable Energy Generation,
  • Water Management,
  • Resource-Efficient Industrial Processes,
  • Advanced Materials,
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture Sectors
  • Products and Services that compete on price and performance while significantly reducing humankind's impact on the environment.

They are providing complete Engineering, Procurement Services –total solutions for large scale power plant including access, engineering, sourcing, financing, installation, commissioning and maintenance. They are always consistently on the lookout for the latest technologies for sustainable energy systems. We provide our customers with value-added solutions that address their individual needs and maximize their returns. With our unique experience in power plant design and buildup, strong financing capabilities, and in-house equipment supply synergies, they are able to provide very reliable and cost-effective turnkey solutions to our customers.

For Large Projects they work with large EPC companies and provide competitive procurement & sourcing services.