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Da-Tsai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

Da-Tsai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

SUS430/ SUS420/ SUS409L/ SUS436L/ SUS439L/ SUS420/ SUS430/ SUS409L/ SUS436L

DIN1.4016/ DIN1.4028/ DIN1.4116/ DIN1.4016/ DIN1.4028/ DIN1.4116



Da-tsai Stainless steel Co., Ltd is established in 1989, the biggest 400 series stainless steel stockist in Taiwan. They have a business background in stainless steel sheets and coils for 30 years. And they have extensive business connect with Taiwanese, Japanese, and other countries’ manufacturers as well as sufficient capital. They are confident that they can execute your order at the lowest possible prices.


Customers include manufacturers of kitchen utensil, knives, household appliances, hardware production, etc. And their capacity of stainless is thousands Metric Tons every month.


It is good to obtain higher-priced goods with the medium price range. They are desirous to deal with you. If they are able to be one of any assistance of yours, we will do anything in our power gladly to complete the order.   

 Please contact skc@steellot.com for latest quotes.