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Heat  number, Cast number, Lot number :

These are very important  terms in tracing the steel from billet  form to the very end product used  globally such as pipes, tubes, bars, and  forgings.

Heat number is the  unique number stamped on each billet to  refer to a particular laddle treatment  in a steel mill. Heat numbers are  tracked by stampings on products and/or   material test reports  or steel mill  certificates.   

There is a non-standard  designation system used by mills to designate  heat numbers –

First digit refers to  the furnace number

Second digit gives the  year the heat was melted

Last three or four  indicate the melt number.  

Cast number : - If  a heat was casted in multiple strands  then the heat number is common but  a cast number is assigned.

Lot number : is a  designated number to identify unit of  material processed at one time and subjected  to similar processing variables.
Material test certificate/  mill certificate

Audited steel: Steel plant  audits.