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Selling Steel

Distributors  / suppliers/ manufacturers/  vendors

  • The major question  today asked by buyers is “what is  the country of origin”?  
  • As the quality of steel lies in the manufacturing company / mill and not the country of origin. The future of selling steel will rely greatly on the information supplied about heat numbers and the steel manufacturing company .
  • Get RFQ ( Request for Quotes) directly from buyers.
  • Show your complete inventory and capability to the buyers in one page.
  • Flexibility in changing your inventory levels at the reach of a button.
  • Send your quotes directly to buyers.
  • Receive your payments directly to your bank accounts.
  • Buyers can print mill test reports directly from the product page. Save time and money, we keep track of your mill test reports.
  • Live chat support 

To Get your Vendor account email us at vendor@steellot.com