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Global  steel market place by  a metallurgist

Standard Industrial  practices of making steel vary from country  to country.

Global requirements  are non-standard as to the technique involved  in making, shaping and treating of steel. Although for a  number of grades, the mechanical requirements  and chemical variations have been standardized.  The procedure in making the steel, the  furnace used, cleanliness of steel, screening  of scrap for radio active materials, still  requires a big attention from the global  buyers and sellers of steel. ASTM, DIN,  ISO,ASME, SAE call for the specific requirements  to be met but the art involved in  making steel can always be appreciated  by the quality of steel produced and  the uniformity in the microstructure.

The quality  of steel produced in the previous decades  were always dependent on the country that  manufactured it. As the demands in steel  industry changed the quality is now not  related to the geographic country but  totally depends on the specific steel  mill / steel plant that the steel  was produced.  Thus, steellot will be  a place for trading quality steel and  we rely on our global buyers, sellers,  & auditors to identify the individual  steel mills that care about quality. 

Why the name?  Though steel is controlled by heat number  but the process for shaping, and treating  of steel is done in batches which  is traced by lot number. To trace  an end product completely step by step  with individual manufacturing processes we  need both heat number and lot number.  The name implies that we always care  about the traceability of steel.